A puzzle ring, a sailors knot, a Zen Koan



While in incubation

The unformed butterfly heart of the nation,


like the hang- man in the tarot deck.

Upside down she tumbled into the unfamiliar,

viewing life’s constructions

with revived creativity.

“What now?” she whispered.


Her mother always said  after one of her tirades,

“Oh,  but what about the mystery?”


Is the empty cup empty

or filled

with a suspended, animated new substance,

as yet unnamed,

nourishing  all who sip?

Turkey Feathers in My Hat

sally with hat (2)

Hello my beloveds,

“Round and round we go

We hold each other’s hands

We live our lives in a circle

Our love is strong, the dance goes on.”


I am finding turkey feathers on my walks

and bolding I wear them in my hat,

proud to carry their message,

Which is…….

“No one wins the game

unless the whole of the People’s needs are met.

A person who claims more then her share is looked upon

as selfish or crazy or both.

The poor, the aged and the feeble have honor.

The person who gives away the most

and carries the burdens of the People

is the one most respected.”


from Medicine Cards, Jamie Sams






The Womb that Pushes

Persephone- clay

We have begun our alignment with the yang feminine

The womb that pushes.

It is the natural procession of things

that the time of the phallic, yang, masculine  is ending.

We can no longer indulge in “opposites” as our defining awareness,

as the yang masculine would have us do.

Life and death are not opposites.


Mother earth is  pushing  the new energies,

with the help  of Pluto, the lord of the underworld,

whom  astrologists say is activated now along with Saturn.

(The same planets that were in the sky  during the Spanish flu in 1918)


Clues to this time of change can be found in the underworld.

Our guide is  a yang feminine Persephone

who willingly  choose to descend.

She is the maiden of spring, attending the tiny  green shoots,

who felt the pull of crone work.

Deep in the underworld,

she became a  guide for the dead,

pointing them onward out of their wandering.


The womb that pushes is the exertive yang womb

Death bringer and live giver,

one womb.

“Death seen from the personification of the dark yang womb,

this death and rebirth,this perfectly timed push

that brings forth new life from destruction”



Quote and guidance from Genia Pauli Haddon

Uniting Sex Self and Spirit.   Clay piece by Caroline Douglas
















Bat House

bat house

We received a bat house for Christmas from the boys

And on this spring day we have plans of installing it under the eves.

Bat is re birth, according to Jamie Sam’s  Medicine cards.

And this is a birth folks if ever there was one!

There is no going back,

the pregnancy  is here.

Backward is a breech birth

Stuck is stillborn.

It’s time to use our minds, courage and strength

to insure an easy birth and quick delivery.

Surrendering  to new life.

I am an ancestor to the future

nourishing seven generations to come.

Every decision, every thought

is to create a state of stagnation

or rebirth for those who follow

on the red road of life.


Centering Prayer

prayer fLAGS

I heard the caring in my brother’s voice this morning

when he spoke of his friend

and that was enough to let loose the tears

I’ve been carrying for days.

The  sanity of tears, when we love so much and are afraid.

An admission of fear will open the gate to the heart.


John and I recently attended an introduction to the practice of  Centering Prayer.

The priest who stood before us said, “Hi my name is Jerry and I’m an alcoholic”

He sits everyday in a 20 minute practice called Centering Prayer

sharing  that his well being  has  improved with the activation of the  inner life.

Centering Prayer was developed by a monk named Tomas Keating.

There is a documentary on Amazon

Tomas Keating, A Rising Tide of Silence.

(If it’s too long for you, just watch the last third.)


I’d like to hear from you,


for an elder’s point of view.






Henny Penny

henny penny

Henny Penny  believes the sky is falling when an acorn falls on her  head.

The chick decides to tell the king

and on her journey meets other animals  which join her in the quest.

Chicken Licken , Cocky Locky,  Ducky Lucky ,

Goosey Loosey , Gander Lander, Turkey Lurkey

and Foxy Loxy.

The moral  is to have courage when there is an unknown

but  in other versions where the birds are eaten by the fox,

the fable is interpreted as a warning not to believe everything one is told.


I’ve seen chickens

Who in times of confusion……

sit on all their chicks to keep them safe.

Sitting we can do!

This is a spirit move.






Drawing on all 4 Energies

turkey (2)

Warrior, lover, king and magician,

Go out into the world surrounded by pink light

with your staff in hand to meet the Balrog

Crown tipped  but still riding high,

knowing that love wins.

The mature masculine is a give away.

Giving from the infinite supply

so vast that there is plenty.

Our cups raised to the angel of life,

gobble gobble,   love Sally

The Old Ones have Spoken


“As you move through these changing times… be easy on yourself

and be easy on one another.

You are at the beginning of something new.

You are learning a new way of being.

You will find that you are working less in the yang modes that you are used to.

You will stop working so hard at getting from point A to point B

the way you have in the past, but instead,

will spend more time experiencing yourself in the whole,

and your place in it.

Instead of traveling to a goal out there,

you will voyage deeper into yourself.

Your mother’s grandmother knew how to do this.

Your ancestors from long ago knew how to do this.

They knew the power of the feminine principle

and because you carry their DNA in your body,

this wisdom and this way of being is within you.

Call on it. Call it up. Invite your ancestors in.

As the yang based habits and the decaying institutions on our planet begin to crumble, look up. A breeze is stirring. Feel the sun on your wings.”

Message from the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Bliss Bestowing Hands



Entering the city with bliss bestowing hands,

the last of the ten Ox herding pictures of Zen Buddhism,

represents the culmination of the process of individuation:

“And now having moved to the stage of emptiness,

and also having seen God in the world of nature,

the individual can see God in the world of men.

Enlightened mingling in the marketplace

with wine bibbers and butchers,

he recognizes the inner light of “ Buddha Nature” in everyone.

He doesn’t need to hold himself aloof

nor be weighed down by a sense of duty or responsibility,

nor to follow a set of patterns of other holy men,

nor to imitate the past.

He is so in harmony with life

that he is content to be inconspicuous,

to be an instrument,

not a leader.

He simply does what he what seems to him natural.

But though in the marketplace

he seems to be an ordinary man,

something happens to the people among whom he mingles.

They too become part of the harmony of the universe.

Suzuki, Manual of Zen Buddhism



Fire in the Belly


All the maps  to the authentic self tell us,

we must remain in the dark night of the soul

until we reach the very bottom of despair.

Only then do we discover

the seeds of renewal

blindly pushing their way up

through fertile loam

toward the yet eclipsed sun.


The lowest point on the journey

is paradoxically the womb.

For nearly a week I been weary, incapable of action

Finally I sit, wait and listen

for what I do not know.

Then somehow on the other side of sadness,

I hear a deep  unhurried symphony

My spirit burrows deep into the fertile silence

rests and is refreshed.


Words by Sam Keen, A Fire in the  Belly 1991  pg. 147