I called Julie Blackbird,

To communicate with my Cat, Merlyn.

And in the quiet calm of intuitive space she said-

” He’s stubborn”

He has been peeing on the furniture

That’s why I called her!

She said to put chicory flower essence

In his water and try giving him a second cat box.


She also said that he doesn’t know how to express

His emotions in a positive way.

(Do I?)

Relationships are excessive

Requiring insight and diligence and patience

And in the case of my cat, on going-in-depth communing.

It’s a growth point for me that is being offered….

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts,

Can I up my game and do my part?

Working on all fronts-

I’m spraying the clean slip covers with peppermint oil!

This challenge is yet another call to consciousness

But it’s Nip and Tuck!

To hold you

A Poem from Rilke( Book of Hours)


She who reconciles the ill- matched threads

of her life and weaves them gratefully

into a single cloth-

its she who drives the loudmouths from the hall

and clears it for a different celebration


where the one guest is you

In the softness of the evening

it’s you she receives.


You are the partner of her loneliness,

and unspeaking center of her monologues.

With each disclosure you encompass more

and she stretches beyond what limits her,

to hold you


sweet heart sweet heart sweet heart

She’s humming your name

humming your name, humming your name


And Thank You Nancy Pelosi

for being our First woman Speaker of The House!!!!

Leaving Bread Crumbs

I opened an illustrated,

Gospel of Mary Magdalene

An illumined text for times of need….

(Created by me for my future self)

And today- I am renewed by her wisdom!


“After saying this, The Blessed One

greeted them saying:

“Peace be with you- may my Peace

arise and be fulfilled within you!

Be vigilant and allow no one to mislead you

by saying:

“Here it is! or

“There it is!

For it is within you

that She dwells.

Go to her

for those who seek her, find her;


She is calling upon us to become fully human.

Sleeping is for Losers

Like a spider I spend my nights

Weaving the Web ( of the World)

Somebody has to do it 😊

And when I told John that I’d been awake since 2

He said, “Sleeping is for Losers”

John is the master of the flip!


We’d gone that day to a gathering

For our bestie, Gary La Croix,

Held at his sister’s place in Boulder

She had made a day of the dead shrine to him…

A sugared skull, paper flowers and there was his face,

The face of the beloved.

John, Gary and I

Three intrepid travelers

Untying the knots is our heads

By investigating the complete dis- logic

of The Course In Miracles,

Which makes no sense

To the “normal” way we see things….

( as a limited separate body, suffering something that doesn’t exit)

Maybe it’s because of my advanced age

But suddenly I understand what the Couse was pointing to

Essentially it’s a FLIP.

Something like, Stand of your Head

and know that your Heart is the only thing with a Beat!


Painting is Gary’s and these are his Chosen Words.

” Everything outside is only a perception of my mind

I am willing to release

my attachment to the expectation,

to the way I think it should work,

I release control!!!!!!


light in the tunnel

Tunnel of light

where I saw my dad

looking so fine.


I added another green box around a Thursday

on the calander

Marking the weekly fight

Two champions- John King and Sally

Picking up the pieces ( of my heart or is it only habit)

I say” Let’s see if we can go an extra day next week?”

Little steps for little feet

Not to be discouraged…

Any attempt at consciousness is a major win.

We old ones have seen it all- the long game

How no one ever wins

But the screwed wiring ( in each of us)

That was always there… is still there.

Talking to a friend, sharing the burden ( of living a life)

She said “You see old sweet couples

and you know everyone who sees them thinks

that they never fight. HA!

Outward Bound

Outward Bound was created

To keep young men from drowning.

During WWII, when their ships went down,

Too many were drowning.

This seems like pertinent information

As we weather our own rough seas.

So when you are tossed into the deep

Take off your clothing- it’s weighing you down

( As in- Drop Your Baggage)

And let yourself sink below the surface

Resting there in the quiet

And when you need a breath

Kick back up to the surface

For a breath

Only to go back into the quiet

Of the sea below.

Through the long night

Breathing and not breathing

In the Great Ocean.


Painting the Bridge

Karma yoga is being present in every moment

Not rushing to the end

But truly savoring the now.

Maybe it’s because I am old

But this kind of “paying attention”

Is getting to be more natural.

Resulting in a spruced up bridge

One brush stroke at a time.

And lucky me

I have a massage planned for tomorrow.

Eckart Tolle is a delightful teacher

He often laughs at serious matters ( so daring)

And today I heard him say,

“The reason we are uncomfortable with death

Is that we haven’t aligned ourselves with our Being

We are caught in our “Doer” as identity and success.

A bad move for the round beings of light that we are.

Rolling around, bumping into each other, smiling

(as if we had a face).

Not to scare you

Well maybe a little.


I was listening to his talk- The Secret of Manifestation

owls and cows

I’m in a period of expansion

I got my human design chart

(for free on line)

Declaring that I’m a Projector

A Heretical Investigator

With a Split Definition.

They say, projectors shouldn’t marry…..

( ahhhh, more compassionate towards John)

I’m the mean one!

And that we projectors weld a knife…

But that we mean well, when we cut you

To expose what isn’t healed.

I’m not sure if this will instill your trust

Because I am asking you to invite me

in…I’d love to offer

this newly defined skill

such as it is to you. Anything!


ok- here’s the thing

We are here

And then we are not here.

But while we are here

We hold the details of our lives really close.

But when we depart

These details are tossed to the wind.

Scattered like our ashes.

So what I’m thinking

Is maybe

We can play with the stuff of life more

( it’s not the eternal part of us)

Caught a breeze

Headed West toward the afternoon sun.


In honor of my friend, Gary La Crois

His laughter a teacher

pointing the way!


We hiked to Pawnee Pass

A Shangri-La where no one ages.

John and I

The sure footed Sherpa’s

Not slipping on loose gravel

So many rocky switch backs- until

The steep blue view of Isabelle Lake.

Having entered a mythic land

Of glacial placed stones ( are they still moving?)

And tiny to the ground plants, such variety…

We eat bread and cheese

Wishing I’d brought fruit.


On the way down

John reminds me “Walk on the balls of your feet”

Oddly counter intuitive but just try it!

And on our last mile, he kindly offered this…..

” Just let your body walk

Don’t try to walk up that last hill with your mind”


This advise will hold true

For our last breath,

The body will know.

Relax.. no mind needed.