We can either do rituals from our hearts

where we sing and know our true name

or lame duck rituals, like watching the evening news.

We are performative creatures

beings of two worlds.

Rituals are connecting experiences

where we claim our partnership

in the dance

both as lover and as hero

as a being and a doer.

Like standing stones in a circle

that dance under the moon light

when no one is looking.

I Am That

We are getting into profound layers now

the deeper we go into this tunnel of love.

As in the coat of many colors

it’s only after being tossed into the well

that the adventure can begin,

one’s perfect destiny.

God is not a concept nor an image

but a spontaneous eruption of love

for someone I know perhaps or

just occurring like a wave on the ocean.

I am that!


We almost made the Turkey be our National bird.

Turkey is the Give Away in the Lakota way of life

When you have enough, you give to others in need.

The richest family gave the most

that was how you received honor.

Betsy Burton sent me this photo this morning

(She is our very own White Buffalo Calf Woman)

It was wild how many women were out walking at dusk

after the intensity of the election.

Moving the stagnant energy with each step down the road

Going Blue

If you need to get grounded today

My friend taught me this simple exercise

Look up and see the sky , name it’s color.

Look at your painting and say what color it is.

Mine is blue.

Look at your shoes and really see them,

their shape and color.

This simple seeing and naming

is the present moment

and it will heal you

Grounded in your own

sweet feet! love Sally

Election Day

“A canoe having passed through dangerous waters

finally reaches calm water.”

At dawn on this election day

It was as if heard the loud creaking of a ship,

Our fragile yet infinitely capable America

as she squeezes through the narrowed way,

Jason and the Argonaunts

are we, in multiple of thousands.

Our vessel, so well imagined by so many

will hold true and come through

this fearsome portal.

Courage and Mercy are with us.

Loba at Turning

Point of Ripening, The Loba at Turning

Honoring the poet, Diane di Prima,

I share her words with you.

“Is there a myth for the female

middle aged


large breasted not

quick footed



That rich time when the harvest

is not yourself

You no longer need

to claim it.

“I have come to know myself

I have gathered


from everywhere”

“I am you, I must become you

I have been you, I am always you

I must become you.”

The Pleasure of Hay

My friend Winnie receives her hay in a mesh bag.

She has to tug small nibbles at a time.

I helped her sneak bigger bites …..

it feels so good to have a full tummy!

We have been surrounded by wild fires

and my nervous system was wound tight

but listening to Winnie’s steady chewing was so peaceful,

her deep contented inhale, horse breath

her warm breath felt on my neck.

I begun to yawn and yawn, letting go.

It’s how we animals regulate.

How we get back into out bodies

after a fight, flight or freeze situation.

Ingest, digest, yawn, breathe.


John will from time to time

recite with joy, a line from Conan the Destroyer, saying

“What is Best in Life”?

I wish you could hear him,

pure Conan the barbarian.

( this painted rock is for his 72d birthday next month)

I find myself returning to earlier times

when I used to make things

when all gifts were homemade.