We hiked to Pawnee Pass

A Shangri-La where no one ages.

John and I

The sure footed Sherpa’s

Not slipping on loose gravel

So many rocky switch backs- until

The steep blue view of Isabelle Lake.

Having entered a mythic land

Of glacial placed stones ( are they still moving?)

And tiny to the ground plants, such variety…

We eat bread and cheese

Wishing I’d brought fruit.


On the way down

John reminds me “Walk on the balls of your feet”

Oddly counter intuitive but just try it!

And on our last mile, he kindly offered this…..

” Just let your body walk

Don’t try to walk up that last hill with your mind”


This advise will hold true

For our last breath,

The body will know.

Relax.. no mind needed.


I can relate to the mother bear

She’s had a big summer….

With two active cubs trying things out!

And we’ve had Callan.

And now Callan’s boyfriend

A pollical science major…..

I am worn out from the effort

But completely pleased!

As relentless teachers

John and I have shared all that we could

(Bless them for being receptive)

Seeding the future

The spark of adventure

Let these cubs succeed!


Under the apple trees on a summer night

All is well!


Stopping to take a break from the road

In Wheatland Wyoming…..

An older fella opening up his antique shop

Told me that the horse on the license plates

“Is a horse from right here in Wheatland !”

” A horse named Steamboat”

“And how you couldn’t put a a saddle on him

But bareback he’s go forever.”


Wyoming and I don’t share the same politics

Driving though her empty spaces- sage brush

Almost running out of gas , no where.

Wild West.


On The Welcome Home Viet Nam Veterans Highway

I picked up her heart vibe

Even though my heart expresses it’s love differently

There are billboards about mothers keeping babies

And the flashing lights repeating

“Save a life, Look twice

Motorcycles are everywhere.”

Wyoming is a sentimental state…..

A hallmark card?


I took a path over to the lake this morning

soft grasses brushed my feet

A somewhat hot cup of coffee in my hand

No one was there

The space is huge

The void of which I am is visible


Rocks of all sizes fill the beach

I remember a watercolor of stones

That Barbara King had over her table…

The void of which I am holds her.


I took my wheels out for a long ride

Drove solo to the Grand Tetons

It’s a long way, nine hours or so.

My wheels are rusty

But I got to Colter Bay

And set up my tent.

A stiff breeze is blowing in off the lake

as I sit at a picnic bench

In front of the general store.

A piece of cheese and bread for dinner.

Sally Forth!

Aug 9th

The arrival of the bear was not a surprise

Having stared into the diamonds on the river

While wondering-

Can we share the same goal?

Never easy for the two of us….

We land on the image of camp counselors

With one lone camper

the long summer….

She is making dinner

I may never cook again.

Striking a balance

as the sun goes down


When a moose appears in your life it brings

“primal contact with the great feminine force

and void of life”


Eating low bushes in high meadows

We saw a total of eleven moose

Content and healthy

Three mothers

With their honey colored babies,

In the lush vegetation

As if all of nature was saying

“All is well “

Callan’s spirit animal is the moose

This day was for her

Having never seen one before

Eleven moose were given

Like all persons Callan has a gift

To discover and claim.

Moose is a feminine totem

It’s Mediumship

The magic of life and death

Entering the icy waters of the void

With eyes wide open

“All is well”

Long legged girlfriends

could be models

three mothers with their young


John is teaching Callan

the art of paddling her boat

Down river.

She’s pink like a pearl

Having new adventures out west

Twenty five and single

Spending the summer with us

It’s a give away-

We offer everything we are

Weaving ourselves

Small pearls in her pouch.


Baby Birds

She approaches
hopping several branches
in a decoy move
with a yummy grub….
Feathered already
Will they fly in a week?
Ours take 20 years
Roe is threatened.

We have a difficult situation
in America
I need my wits
my skill, my means
Fly Bird Woman
In Me!