Cooking Apples

My friend held her hands out far

demonstrating the masculine principal known as Shiva

That which holds, that which offers divine space for the feminine,

allowing wild Ms Shakti to explode if she wants to

He just holds the space for her, no worries.

Like warm apples in a pot

ready to be made into pie!

Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Getting our toes wet

dipping into that salty sea of old age

wet with worries, not unfounded

Peter Pan and Captain Hook ( that’s me)

and a crocodile with a ticking clock inside.

My mate keeps to his work

but the truth be told, everything takes three times longer.

Perhaps it’s time to go deeper into the sea

where the water, thick with salt

lets us float for free

like turtles, old with time

and free.

A ( not easy)Recipe for Change

John and I have been going at it

I’ve been introducing what could be called a a homeopathic dose

a suggestion really…

That we turn our sights toward our older years

( we are in our 70’s)

mutually gazing into the pasture of our later years

Envision our advancing years in haromy

(Really not John and I at all)

So I’m not surprised when my innocent suggestion quickly becomes-

A fight to the death.

But there is good medicine in bringing up difficult topics

They do lose some of there sting, their bite.

Michele and Terry’s Wedding

It was the wedding of the century

and I was there.

Terry and Michele both live at Mesa Vista

the nursing home where my sister lived.

Michele always knew where Anne was.

She is the gatekeeper at the vortex

a cosmic human,

surviving a near fatal motorcycle accident in her 30’s

Some of us get whittled

into something akin to pure light.

I have stayed in touch with Michele

and when I visited her I met Terry.

They’d met when Michele was 17

and as Terry’s said” she was with her old man

and I had a lady”

only to meet again in their 50’s,

both worse for wear,

but their wedding was the ritual’s essence.

Odd angels,

(the groom so nervous I thought he might faint.)

Their willingness tangible

in a way that we have little access to.

As we hummed amazing grace

they walked back towards

I heard Michele say, over and over again,

I love Terry,

I love Terry,

I love Terry.

Jan is my older sister whom I Love so much!

Jan would be the first to leave the wedding

Her health has been poor and it was a cold night too.

But when she stood, cane in hand

a line began to form…….

Her family seeking to say goodnight

or something, touching in for a moment

of being close to her.

Wildly radiant as she met each one

something akin to fire…..

I saw all of this!

When Henry an art student at Pratt in NY

came up, Jan extended her hand

with such a glimmer and glint in her eye

a pirate gazing into the future.

Then came the sparkling bride and her groom

hugs and kisses….

granddaughters, daughters, her son, two nieces

a brother, his wife

The night had gotten long and over

and a mist had settled on the sea.

I came last and she said

“Oh, You I’m not saying goodbye to”

And I said “Me neither”

“I’m always right by your side”

Getting Past our own Limitations

Events have conspired to offer me a paradigm shift

A long held door is open

It’s time for me to exit the Matrix.

The enculturated conditioning, so tricky to see

is now illumined by the light from an open door.

“Step through” the unknown whispers……

Joseph Campbell says this

“Our demons are our own limitations

which shut us off from the realization

of the ubiquity of the spirit.

And as these demons are conquered in a vision quest,

the consciousness of the quester is enlarged

and more of the world is encompassed.”

“My definition of a devil is a god

who has not yet been recognized.

The devil is the power in you

to which you have not yet given expression,

and you push it back.”

Bring it…..

Time for a vision- quest!

The Face of the Beloved

This is my dear friend.

We are very fond of each other

and I don’t think it’s just because I feed her.

Today’s breakfast was a pesto over old beans

with carrot tops, a tasteless peach and part of an apple.

Only the finest affair for my dear friend, Pig.

Love just exists, there is no explanation for it.

But what pleasure.

Before the Womb

“Before my body formed in the womb

the pattern of my being existed as electrical elements”

Trees too- he has seen the wonder of it.

This wisdom was delivered by my neighbor,

grinning at me from under his straw hat…..

swooping us upward, he shared that

one day he got picked up by an envoy ( ET)

and when he asked how he got there

The voice said ” You can’t get here unless you are empty”

Then he suggested that I watch

“Exit Through the Gift Shop”

and went on his way.

My life is not dull….

I’m electrical 😎

Stargazers, 71 and 13

When I woke up sputtering for air….

(Apnea is so weird,)

I decided to make tea

and sip it under the stars.

Under the mid- August, Perseid meteor shower.

I noticed that our young guest’s light was on,

he was sneezing, pointing to the cat.

We made him a hot chocolate

and out we went on a midnight adventure.

Sitting on the bridge

with a clear view of the night sky.

Faces turned toward the Milky Way

Saying things like…..

“Did you see that one?

or “Oh how quick”

Ahhhhhhhhhh, eeeeeeeeeee,

Together filling up on stars

filling up on wonder!

Getting my Feet Wet

Imagine yourself standing on a beach

near the waterline

as you gaze out over the ocean.

The wet sand is so solid

that your feet leave only the faintest of imprints…

You step forward

to stand just within reach of the leading edge of the waves.

As each wave curls around your ankles

and then rushes out again

notice that it sucks the sand out from under your feet,

unsettling you.

You are forced to take a new stance, again and again.

This is something like the relationship

between the ego

and the larger divine perspective

that both attracts and undermines.

Can we be “undermined” sufficiently to allow a true transcending?

“Oh but how we resist”

A sharing from one of my all time favorite books,

Uniting Sex, Self and Spirit by Genia Pauli Haddon