We hiked to Pawnee Pass

A Shangri-La where no one ages.

John and I

The sure footed Sherpa’s

Not slipping on loose gravel

So many rocky switch backs- until

The steep blue view of Isabelle Lake.

Having entered a mythic land

Of glacial placed stones ( are they still moving?)

And tiny to the ground plants, such variety…

We eat bread and cheese

Wishing I’d brought fruit.


On the way down

John reminds me “Walk on the balls of your feet”

Oddly counter intuitive but just try it!

And on our last mile, he kindly offered this…..

” Just let your body walk

Don’t try to walk up that last hill with your mind”


This advise will hold true

For our last breath,

The body will know.

Relax.. no mind needed.

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