Blue Linen Shirt

blue linen shirt (2)

It was a  ragged week of strife

and undercurrents

and hot weather,

building the studio,

long hours in the sun.

Now, resting beside him

hearing the sputter and breath

of a necessary nap.

I lay still

so he will sleep.

Wearing the blue linen shirt,

I bought and wash two times a week

and those grey shorts tied with rope.

Tan tapered legs, one of his best features

like his feet.


I will resist a clever ending to this poem

I’ll just let it go at that.

One Unto Herself

pregnany (2)

One Unto Herself

Heavy with child she lumbers,

this impossible pregnancy.

What was she thinking

when she said yes to God?

Not, carrying the world in her belly

His infinite seeds, fertile mother earth,

the dark and the light,

a snake eating the mouse.


I didn’t think it would be this bad

this full, this heavy.

The great weight of matter.

I will need divine assistance at her birth.

Delivering me from my own duplicity.

What are we midwifing here



Sally King, Lady Godiva Day 2020

Photo of Sarah carrying her daughter Rumi



















womb quote (2)

The exertive womb


While the nurturing womb is yin,

the pushing womb is yang.

Two aspects of the feminine.

Right Ladies?


The breath always helps in right action,

the essential pause

to find out what is best suited,

in this  moment

nurturing or pushing?

Sailing Alone

Bouncing Blue


By   Jay White,


She  stood at the helm of the storm

And she was the one who could sail

The little boat of death

toward the far shore without panic.

So much good can happen out there

with the wind tearing things loose.

You can fling tears from your face

without worry.

You can feel your arms and legs

welcome this vigil.

You are the person who knows,

What your boat can do

at such a rare point of weather.


My brother’s poem

in response to an insight shared,

a trust.













Welcome to Club Humanity

you and me


What a time we are experiencing,

so much change, so much limitation,

we can’t just do whatever we want, when we want to. 

For the first time that I know of,

 our “white culture”  is experiencing the squeeze

of less freedom and choice. 

We can’t get on an airplane and  fly to  Europe or  Canada

or  go to restaurants or movies or parties.

And now we are panicking about resources,

our own and our neighbors.

Economic shortfalls are  making  the society  less safe

as it becomes less stable. 

We are getting our first taste of how our indigenous

and our  people of color live life everyday. 

Welcome to Club Humanity.

The upside  is that we  finally have  a level playing field,

a shared experience with our “marginalized others” 

Suddenly there is no other 

just we.

Dance of the Great Hunger

staff (2)

For Maria


Laurens Van Der Post wrote The Mantis Carol,

a tale of synchronicity, wonder

and the truly joyful nature

of an African  Bushman far from home.

And at the end of  his life

She( I)  went to visit him

and because he asked this of her

she  proceeded to dance, his dance

the one she’s seen him do throughout his long life.

The Dance of Great Hunger.

A stomping step with a turn

arms spread  reaching the cosmos.

She was totally present,

with her back  still turned

she heard a strange sound,

” Like the issue of some gust of great wind

thrown at the door with such force

that it passed thin and elongated through the key -hole into

and out of the room.”

And he was gone.


Sometimes only a dance will do.

After the family left

I needed to dance , staff in hand

to move the stuck energy of deep sorrow

and let sway all the emotive feeling felt too tight,

giving voice to the great hunger

giving voice to the old one who knows of suffering

and still smiles.

For Maria






Fairy Congress



“We are joyous

We are attuned to peace.

We are attuned to life.

We have a delight for nature

and for all living, growing things.

We foster and nurture potentials.

We are attuned to wholeness

and to connection

from which  it springs.” ( Jeremy Berg)
These words are from our fairy folk relatives,
our invisible cousins,
but also from  a place we know in ourselves
when we disappear,
even for a moment.










Called and Not Called

Called and Not Called

It says on the sign over Jung’s studio door,

Called or Not Called God is Here.

When I was tossed into the  cold and wild water

of a rapid in the Grand Canyon,

and to my amazement

I completely let go,

experiencing  the delight of no fear.

A kind of grace, like death.


And once in the still of a long night of struggle

I heard the clear voice of Lotte

Call my name.


Prayer will bring in the needed help,

a shift in consciousness

a new view of the same situation.

A kind of grace, so many moments.





Preference of Peace

garlic scate heart (3)

When I was 35

I spent three weeks in the Grand Canyon

adding to my thought stream ” I could have peace instead of this”.

Maybe it was the magnificence of the place

of the challenge of the group dynamics

but “peace” stuck,

my mind took over

and choose peace in all instances.

I entered bliss.


This week, 35 years later,

I reopened Teach Only Love,

Jerry Jampolsky’s guide to  peace as a preference.

It’s about choosing your power source,

the wily ways of the ego

or trusting  in the love and peace option.

Simply beginning to do

what my sense of peace indicates

even though I do not know the outcome.

A loving preference is a more reliable basis for a decision

then guesses about future consequences.


Photo is of our garlic scapes,

harvested today and made into pesto.



If I lift up my skirt…..

yoni tree (2)


Boy in a boat



Center of bliss

Center of desire



Dark gate





Gate of jewels

Hidden place

Inner heart

Lotus of her wisdom

Moss rose

Mysterious gate



Alpha and Omega


If you come upon an accident

And someone is in seriously bad shape

And it’s just you and someone is possibility dying.

Show them your yoni.

You may just save a life.