Lady Godiva is Pleased

Peonie 16x20

I went to the house of my friend’s today

She is  reliable and funny and alive and accepting and wise.

And I know how fortunate I am to have her as my friend.

She is thrilled when I tell her of my encounter with my shadow.

( The shadow is a  negative personal quality long hidden and disruptive to relationships)

She says she wishes this for herself

I laugh, free again through her.

There is no place for shame,

Not with her admiration shining down on me.


Lady Godiva Day 2019






The Grass Hat

grass hat (2)

Up where the snow has just melted

Close to tree line above Blue lake

There is a shallow pool with hat size mounds of soft green grass

And we thought how fine it would be

to don one of them as a hat,

Moist and cool and

heavy with earth.

We tied it under our chins with purple ribbons.

A  grass hat fit for the queen!


What I Don’t Want you to Know

Her Garden 20x20


“Is that it doesn’t matter if you love me or not.”

Sweet moments happen of there own accord

(not because I will them into existence).

Oh I have my complaints,

they are a fever, a dust storm, an addiction,

an effort to control (him).

Limiting thought structures that hold me back.

I declare to do better.

To stay awake to the newness unfolding in me.

To daringly let it all be new.


My friend at the end of his life

experienced complete love

and in this state, he could find nothing negative.


Many Colors


snake 2

The snake that I thought was dead, wasn’t.

Now, everyday I look for her.

She is invisibly waiting for me,

somewhere near the watering hose.

Our friend died Monday.

We wrapped him in a shroud of many colors

“Where would I go I am here”  RM



Full Circle

injured Chloe

Is it the coffee or the rushing river?

What I am,

passes me  in a race down stream,

a pace with no spaces, no time to think

The momentary molecule bursts over my head

Tears of wonder

There is nothing to hold onto.


Chloe cut her foot last night

and needed stitches to keep her toe.

My mother died from  a similar injury.

And just last week,

we put her ashes into the gulf stream.

A quick trip around the world.


We can’t hold the moment or each other for  very long

The unwilling hand opens

to rest upon the heart

While the opposite hand reached upward

Signaling  “Victory”