Working with What’s at Hand

heart (2)

When my friend said in hushed tones

that she didn’t want to call sister this week,

I knew what she was saying.

There is so much pain in our collective field,

each one of us is struggling,

framing this wound we suffer

according to our own journey,

how we sit with pain.

Faith is completely personal.


My own jug leaks water.

My sins run out behind me

and I do not see them.

If you call me to judge another,

I am not blameless.



“Jug” story is from Abba Moses,

pg 36 The Way of the Heart, Henri JM Nouwen





rabbit (2)

When I see a rabbit

I  say” Hi Anne”

It’s a gentle way to remember my gentle sister.

Recently my twelve year old grandson

who has the heart of a hunter

set out a bent  branch to make a snare.

We didn’t think he would ever catch one.

Tonight I ate a bite of rabbit stew

Skillfully prepared by a boy that I respect,

literally eating the body of the beloved.








Go In Peace

laborith Phyllis's

In a twelve step program,

people tell another person

important untold feelings

and then the miracle of grace is possible.

In Karen Van Vuuren’s  documentary

Go In Peace, (

dying veterans with the assistance

of a willing listener are released from  long held grief

There is something about being close to death

that allows the tight heart to open

and speak it’s unspeakable to another.

I would like to suggest to each of us at this time

to allow this level of healing now.

Grace awaits.








Let Peace Begin with Me

Pele the goddess of new earth

Pele holds the egg, womb within womb.


“Let there be peace on earth

Let this be my solemn vow

To take each moment

and live each moment in perfect harmony

Let there be peace on earth

and let it begin with me”

My Grandmother’s hymn,

(I was a tiny egg inside my mother

when she was inside her mother)


I’m not “killing it” today

noticing violent languge is a start.

Love Love Love, Sally




3 fingers (2)

Sorry about the dirty fingernails,  (I’ve been gardening.)

I’ve come to a new understanding of the trinity.

It’s  basically where we are  headed as we develop as humans.

Where form ( the daughter)  and  the formless ( the Mother)

relate with the vast love between them ( holy spirit.)

God is a feminine verb, three relationships in  constant motion

A mystery not to be understood

A process,

from atoms to ecosystems to families to galaxies

A circle dance

an outpouring and a receiving of three equal partners

each repeating the self emptying act of love to the next, 1 2 3

Our dualistic ego won’t approve

but just look how well that system is working.

The Course in Miracles says

“Would you rather be right or happy”

I choose the unitive state of 3 please.



Inspiration, page 157 from Immortal Diamond by Richard Rohr








Alone with the Baby

mother and child two (2)

“Sometime you’ll have to be alone with the baby”

My mother told my sister after her two week stay.

And don’t we all know what this feels like right now?

We’ve been left with our arms full of a new life,

an unbidden motherhood,

mothering a floundering society

with it’s  many questions

bewildered and scared.

The mother spirit is suited for impossible tasks

caring for another, for a society,

is an adventure, an investment

and a joy.





Pentecostal Offering

Sally 70th birthday rhubarb

Wisdom teachers get so layered with perceptions

that it’s hard to redeem the wisdom they wanted us to have.

Twenty five years ago I was gifted with the answer to a life long question.

How are we all one?

The answer came in a vision (narrated by Ramana Maharshi)

“I found myself standing in a wealthy Arab man’s closet,

as he choose a pink shirt to wear.”

In this experience I was shown that choice doesn’t define us.

We are beyond what we choose,

and oddly, united

by the fact that while we are here

we must choose ( hundreds of choices in a day.)


This week  is the ascension.

Jesus made four appearances during the 40 days after Easter.

Each visit was an assist to one or more of his students

Who needed a little bit love to get over their fear.

And when he left there was a circular vortex of love

that swept us off our feet, warm bodies all.

We may resist love but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

As Ramana said “Where would I go, I am here”

It’s enough to make you curious, isn’t it?










Soft Belly

walking in Ohio Woods. Priscilla (2)

In the Buddhist  text

the suffering we create

by seeking approval and other habits of living externally,

is to basically lose the benefit of this  lifetime.

But like most of us

I don’t manage to successfully limit myself

due to a known bad outcome.

What is working for me

Is a practice known as “Welcoming.”

The first step is a recognition of the situation I’m in

Then I welcome it and the feelings I’m having,

noticing if my belly is soft.

Softness is key!

“Never do anything in a state of internal brace

In a state of physical tightness and resistance

You’ll discover, it’s never worth it”


A quote from  The Wisdom Jesus by Cynthia Bourgeault

Art from Priscilla’s Cohan daily journal,

Ohio Woods is today’s entry.



Cosmic Mother

black mandona (2) Priscilla wrote in her email,

“I was trying to find

the story that Robert Thurman tells

about how  every being has been your mother

and you have been the mother of all beings.

I like that image”.


And so I’m singing

“She’s got you and me sister in her hands

You and me brother in her hands

She’s have got the whole world in her hands!

Happy Mother’s day EVERYONE!



70th Birthday

mermaid bear from Bruni (2)

My 12 year old friend, who lives in Denmark

Made a portrait for me at 70

I like her  look of wonder with emphasizing  tongue

A  honey tummy turning mermaid

Such a versatile creature.

It’s a joy to swim these seas with all of you!

Love Sally