willow wuth mask (2)

Harriet Tubman conveyed slaves to freedom

She moved them by her own remembering.

One minute they were bound, then free.

We too are called to develop  our super power

To dance before the fire of our God

until the dross is consumed.

The resultant gifts,

flow of their own accord and do not belong to us.



The Tao

JIm i stones by the sea!

Blood and bone and breath

and all the invisible bits that make up our soul.

We discount the Tao and yet it is all there is.

Our name  is written in the sand

And we  affected everything.

Even if we were just stuck in the muck

the whole time we were here.

If that’s the way it was

then it was right.

I’m just saying.








Knot, Knot, Who’s There?

Sally with a cake for Mary (2)

What is a life,

if not a chance to untangle a personal knot.

That karmic tug

to repeat and repeat

the same sequential circumstances

with no chance for a fresh approach.


The good thing about aging is that you get onto your own tricks.

Freeing those feelings that were tossed into the sea.

Being with them without condition.





Crowned in Glory


Large headed, sharp beaked Kingfisher Totem Hat

upon my head, teach me your wisdom!

You,  who make such a ruckus flying full speed,

only to then delicately land on a wire, mid river

Staring upstream, long distance, loving without thought.


I’m in an old fight with my husband

He’ll never do “it” right.

Loving without thought is not the realm of the ego.

To the ego, love is sacrificial.

Let me fly upstream with you.



The Bear


bear of apple valley

He is  a local confirmation and a blessing given

Like the Buddha

claiming the Self in the now.

How can we not join him,

bringing to earth a form of completion

as he does?

A ceremony of wonder,

and when I saw him I shouted,

“Do you know how much I have honored you?”