Happy Birthday Mom

I looked up my mom’s Gene Keys

born, April 13, 1918

in Kentucky.

The “key” to her health

was to sit quietly and meditate

which she did daily

in her chair

reading well worn words of inspiration.

Brightening her aura

by dipping into the mystery of life.

While, I her daughter

am made well

by putting on a headband

and leading a revolution

(at least an internal one).

A free gene key profile is available on line

interesting and helpful

Purpose and Life work and Health

so different for each of us

The keys aid understanding

(which is my life purpose, gene key4)

“May your Burden be Light”

The only dying I must do this week

is to the complaints of my little self…

We humans are reactive

(especially me)

Light and dark are a weave….

intolerance and forgiveness

Divinely Human

I take my stand

holding it all in my open hands

There are holes in the cup

The past with all her drama is a dream

All debts are forgiven!


Three of my sister’s granddaughter’s

choose jewelry from the box.

My mother’s gold watch for a small wrist

a bracelet from the Pow Wow

given to me by Sandra One Feather.

And when they were leaving

they gave me a magnet for the refrigerator

( somehow they’d figured out who I am)

It says “Yay Feminists”

They are in their early twenty’s

and don’t have any of the issues

my generation of women

had to work through.

I dreamt of Athena

and the spirit of fiery Aries

incarnated in them.

” You could be President” I said…

(such a old lady thing to say)

Great Aunt Sally

How’s that for a title?

I want this job

In the older telling of Persephone

and her mother,


Persephone chooses the job

of orienting the dead…..

Offering pomegranate seeds….

Waving them on their way

Shafts of wheat.

She Was Not Abducted,

which makes the story completely different!

What we choose, we can do

even hard stuff.

Rituals help.

“Look to the sky

Look to the earth

Rain and conceive”

Reunion with the Mother.

Above and below.

Old woman, Baubo

tells a dirty joke

with a giggle- it’s spring.

Persephone returns again

Dirt on her third eye

Satisfaction in her heart!

Uranus in Taurus

Like a flash of lightning

the planet of freedom, sovereignty

and authentic expression,


Motivating us to free ourselves of attachments

to anything holding us back.

Old habits,

anything not vibrating at the resonance of truth.


is in Taurus, Venus’s home temple

2019- 2026

Shaking up the foundations

we have built our lives upon.

Breaking free

of fear based attachments

to safety, security and certainty.

Releasing how relate to our feminine.

Allowing a more radical

authentic expression.

Activating the wild genius of our bodies.

The more embodied we are

the father we can take a timeline jump.

Leaping together into the great unknown…

Come on , it will be fun!

And thank you Jamie for your insights!

Coyote Equinox

Spring Coyote, trotting sideways

looking over her shoulder

not trusting this human,

it’s how she’s stayed alive.

We women have done the same thing

But we can no longer afford

our past,

our identification with what has been,

it is too heavy

and we need to fly

on our broomsticks.

Fully engaged feminine power

can no longer endure a shame based reality.

The earth, her ecology

her peoples and her animals,

Require us- empowered women,

not held in a dark dream of what was.

The price is too high for indulgence.

Reconciliation with ourselves is necessary

No more self judgement, Ladies

Be tender with your sweet self,

It’s really important!

Mason Bees

Mason bees are solo females,

effective pollinators who

seal themselves in with mud,

regenerating through dormancy.

( I can relate- longest winter ever!)

But you can feel the wisdom of it

the tenacity of gathering mud

creating your hermit space in time.

The bees filled in almost every circle

It didn’t happen the whole first year

or maybe even the second.

I’d kind of given up

So it was an unexpected joy this March

to see the holes filled,

bees within.

I highly recommend it

and it’s a leg up for our pollinators.

( mason bee houses under twenty dollars- on line)


Willow and I did an errand yesterday

( She bought their first TV)

and I was her driver.

Willow likes to retell funny stories

and I love to laugh

so we are a perfect pair.

She says as we drive along

that a friend has new job

in a center where drug users

can come to get clean needles, etc.

(They also have counseling available)

The funny part was that her friend

popped out with

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

as if she were selling socks or gloves or peaches.

Breast Prayer Flags

When I visited St Petersburg in 1990

The Russian Grandmothers wore black arm bands

with the intense need to tell a visitor

about 900 day siege of St Petersburg

100 thousand people starved to death

75 thousand bombs fell.

The Germans had all supply chains cut off

in the depths of cold winters.

Proud that they could suffer

Proud, 50 years later.

We don’t live with history this way

as if it’s a living thing.

My grandsons have no concept of war

And we want to say thank goodness

and yet……

The responsibility to integrate the other

has the weight of war as part of its continuum.

One world takes work

The united whole takes work

A paper doll chain of humans

holding the hand of the other!

Bed in Winter

So intimate

Where we sleep at night

I reach for you my beloved ( reader)

By morning, such cold feet

Circulation is a thing!

Less meat on bones

Less blood flow

But tons of connecting

Vegetative willingness to Love – YOU!

In all our diverse forms.

We are one body!

Bark snout webbed rooted

skin, toes, nose, fingers, teeth

Hair- “hairy noon and night”