I called Julie Blackbird,

To communicate with my Cat, Merlyn.

And in the quiet calm of intuitive space she said-

” He’s stubborn”

He has been peeing on the furniture

That’s why I called her!

She said to put chicory flower essence

In his water and try giving him a second cat box.


She also said that he doesn’t know how to express

His emotions in a positive way.

(Do I?)

Relationships are excessive

Requiring insight and diligence and patience

And in the case of my cat, on going-in-depth communing.

It’s a growth point for me that is being offered….

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts,

Can I up my game and do my part?

Working on all fronts-

I’m spraying the clean slip covers with peppermint oil!

This challenge is yet another call to consciousness

But it’s Nip and Tuck!

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