deer, squirrel and fox

The animals have let themselves be seen.

Gentle deer in a line crossing the river

Watching out for each other…..

( that is the kind of care I need.)

Busy squirrel too… ready for change

( a reminder to plan ahead but not go nuts)

And what of the macho fox prancing

With his thick tail so fine, completely confident

Suggesting that We Can do It

( whatever that personally means to you)


It’s January 10th and the sun

Is noticeably more available

And we instinctively return from the underworld.

“The Navajo have no word for death

But call it- Adin

Which means “no longer available”

It’s a better description

because we’re still somewhere

We don’t just disappear”


Quote from a novel…..

In a Town Called Paradox

A good read!

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