Telling the Hard Truth

In a minute or less

I told him a hard truth.

Truth telling doesn’t need embellishment

It just needs to get out.

It is not an attack

It is just a big reveal…..

Releasing of an energetic secret

The kind that is a splinter in your paw.

I’d been feeling off for a couple of days,

Vaguely annoyed with John,

Just conscious enough

To catch what I was up to.

My own unresolved guilt was the egg I was sitting on

And instead of admitting these feelings ( even to myself)

I was hurling stones at John – or at least wanting to

As a diversion.

So I blurted it out – quick……

Amazing how much better I feel.


January is my month of karma

I met John, I got divorced, I had a baby

Lovely John, Lovely first husband, Lovely daughter!

Bless you January!

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