My sister’s 81st birthday is today and she said,

“I did nothing in moderation”

This bold sister of mine,

Many consequences.

“Doing it her way”

( like a Frank Sinatra song)

We boldly rescued my car

Pulling it back on a rented car trailer

Behind Finn’s Silverado

With his great uncle, John, as co pilot.

Me, at home pacing and answering the phone.

Days later I’m still recovering.

The car with it’s bumper sticker that reads

“It Takes a Village”

Is in the driveway awaiting the snow

arriving in the night.

Life is an endless stream of random events

Details to attend to

But there are over arching themes

We each came here to live out.


Thank you dear readers…

For sharing the layered experience…

Bread crumbs in the forest!

Nothing in Moderation

One thought on “Nothing in Moderation

  1. Happy Birthday to Ann!! Go big or go home! What a great way to live life, jumping in and experiencing it to the fullest. A great reminder for us all as we head into the new year. Glad your war pony made it home, it does take a village. Sending love, Sandra


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