Come What May

My Mom and Me

Sitting together in the sun with a stiff sea breeze.

She made it to 98

With joy in her heart- not easy

As I begin to get my toes wet with the reality of growing old.


Abandoning my frozen car, left on a mountain pass

Too cold to start its old engine.

Insurance micky mouse and towing failure to understand

I’m still working on it

Cold-Days later…….

Oddly I’ve been sleeping better,

Warrior spirit awakened,

We drove back over with a new battery

Which still didn’t get the engine to turn over.

In our youth we had all manner of car escapades

And this adventure has reminded me of how “game” we were

Reminding me that an attitude of


Is my best bet for aging well.

Not easy….

I used to ask my mom to tell me about her difficult feelings

And I find with myself

That it is the liberation of a fear

That sits heavy in my heart

That sets me free to join back in the flow…

Of come what may.


I recommend,

1 Mediation with Dick Schwartz

Inviting a Part to Speak, on You Tube

I had to deal with the fear of not being as capable

as I once was.

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