Best Beloveds

The sun breaks upon the high edge of our valley

Solstice alignment is upon us

My not sleeping is getting to be a real thing

My active brain spins like a top.

There is so much information pounding in

From the heavens….

We sensitive types tune in

But without proper training

The maps for humanity may not be getting made,

I am humbled and bumbled this solstice.



“In Scandinavia, the snow piled so high

In times of old, the Shaman bringing relief

From the long winter plight

Came down the chimney opening

With a dose of mushroom infused reindeer pee

To change the vibe, relieve the stress

Bringing insights through hallucinations.


Not sure how to wrap this up

I too circle the night

Hunting vision, honoring the effort

Each of us make

Illuminating the darkness

Lighting a small candle

I sing- Best beloveds

I am thankful to participate.

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