Roadside Trash

I’d read that if you’d like to have closer contact with fairies

Pick up the roadside trash.

And in doing this small thing

I’ve had a shift in my consciousness.

Maybe it’s the fairies that are now whispering to me

But I made more eye contact with people yesterday

And rehung a sweater that had slipped from it’s hanger in a shop.

Perhaps it’s in doing anything different from our pattern

We become more available

Our true selves wake up a bit more.


What I picked up is this…

7 newspapers in green plastic sleeves

A napkin and swollen phone book,

A priority package- address long gone

( inside we two boxes of covid tests)

Later-donated through our local give- away.

But most interesting… were the two bottles of cinnamon whisky

Tossed within a 100 feet of each other

And in bringing one in with me to take it’s photo

I feel like I have someone’s talisman

A fairy ring in the forest.

4 thoughts on “Roadside Trash

  1. Sally dear,
    I love both your patterns and unpatterns.
    I am glad you share with us how you see and experience.
    Many many times we are ruminating on the same roots.
    I stay amazed at your fearless sowing of seeds.


  2. Well done, Sally! I’ve been thinking about fairies – you’ve beaten me to it but I suspect there will still be opportunities for me later, too.


  3. Dear Sally, Every time I think I’ve got this, I mess up. So I wrote a comment, but it disappeared into the void. However, I shall redoubt my efforts. I loved this. And I completely agree. I – once again and I’m starting to think you read my mind – have been ruminating along the same lines. Even one change, no matter how slight, starts a domino effect. Amazing things, surprising things, happen. And that’s some really cool garbage. love, charlie


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