Stopping to take a break from the road

In Wheatland Wyoming…..

An older fella opening up his antique shop

Told me that the horse on the license plates

“Is a horse from right here in Wheatland !”

” A horse named Steamboat”

“And how you couldn’t put a a saddle on him

But bareback he’s go forever.”


Wyoming and I don’t share the same politics

Driving though her empty spaces- sage brush

Almost running out of gas , no where.

Wild West.


On The Welcome Home Viet Nam Veterans Highway

I picked up her heart vibe

Even though my heart expresses it’s love differently

There are billboards about mothers keeping babies

And the flashing lights repeating

“Save a life, Look twice

Motorcycles are everywhere.”

Wyoming is a sentimental state…..

A hallmark card?

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