Seven Sisters

I am the seventh sister

Stars in her heaven

Shining around her

Offering her a sponge sucker

To wet her month since drinking from a cup

Has lost it’s appeal.

Dying is phenomenal

An out of this world experience- literally

As we sit beside her

We are so completely present

Attentive to each word, each look, each laugh

John is there too, sitting beside her

And with a knowing cackle

She gave him some advise….

“Appreciate Sally”….

(An insider remark if ever there was one)


What a privilege to know Ann Ripley

She has been an amazing friend

She has punch and wit and push back

Her brain still sharp, as her words slur and pause now

Her inner eye on the exit.

Her six daughters are in grief

I am too- it’s tough to say goodbye

But just as I was leaving

She gave me this piercing look

Of such love-

Such fierce sweetness- this.

It’s the path, it’s the right direction,

and the energy to travel this path”

5 thoughts on “Seven Sisters

  1. Oh Sally, Sorry for your loss, but what a gift a glance as you described it. Did Ann make breast flags & the green bear print with you? Fly well.


    • Hi Gina- Ann and I share may birthdays- she would of been 97 and she has all these daughters- I’m not so much her daughter but a little bit.. you can tell from her comment to John. Thanks for your note. I listened to Neil Douglas Klotz on awakin calls- his interview will be available in a few days- the last line in the post was from him. Xo to you and O.. love Sally ________________________________


  2. Wow! Intense! but Beautiful that you were with her to see her off on her journey back to the star nation. what a spirit! I’m glad you were there with her and her daughters and John too. The circle of life.


  3. Sally, Love to send you my love. Such huge energy’s . I know because I’ve been dancing around the edges myself. Thank heavens – literally the heavens- that love is proves to be more than enough. Love. Love. Love is all you need.


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