Peanut Shells

The evening air blew cold –

“Come on Spring- you can do it”

I found Priscilla on her couch

Covered by her comfy blanket

Her day’s work done-

I offered her salty peanuts in the shell

They are so messy even on a good day.

Priscilla doesn’t mind a mess… her kitchen

Every bowl and cup and cat food tins….

I am in love-

It hasn’t all been cleared away

Dish washer safe- we are not.

It’s the tangle and mash and crusted decay….

Unswept like creativity.

The bowl of peanut shells is overflowing

As I delight in her booklet of today’s ink drawings

This page of various medical procedures in her week

Each one a dear portrait of a square headed human

with glasses- getting blood drawn or pugged into a machine.

I am in love.

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