Sleeping is for Losers

Like a spider I spend my nights

Weaving the Web ( of the World)

Somebody has to do it 😊

And when I told John that I’d been awake since 2

He said, “Sleeping is for Losers”

John is the master of the flip!


We’d gone that day to a gathering

For our bestie, Gary La Croix,

Held at his sister’s place in Boulder

She had made a day of the dead shrine to him…

A sugared skull, paper flowers and there was his face,

The face of the beloved.

John, Gary and I

Three intrepid travelers

Untying the knots is our heads

By investigating the complete dis- logic

of The Course In Miracles,

Which makes no sense

To the “normal” way we see things….

( as a limited separate body, suffering something that doesn’t exit)

Maybe it’s because of my advanced age

But suddenly I understand what the Couse was pointing to

Essentially it’s a FLIP.

Something like, Stand of your Head

and know that your Heart is the only thing with a Beat!


Painting is Gary’s and these are his Chosen Words.

” Everything outside is only a perception of my mind

I am willing to release

my attachment to the expectation,

to the way I think it should work,

I release control!!!!!!

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