Painting the Bridge

Karma yoga is being present in every moment

Not rushing to the end

But truly savoring the now.

Maybe it’s because I am old

But this kind of “paying attention”

Is getting to be more natural.

Resulting in a spruced up bridge

One brush stroke at a time.

And lucky me

I have a massage planned for tomorrow.

Eckart Tolle is a delightful teacher

He often laughs at serious matters ( so daring)

And today I heard him say,

“The reason we are uncomfortable with death

Is that we haven’t aligned ourselves with our Being

We are caught in our “Doer” as identity and success.

A bad move for the round beings of light that we are.

Rolling around, bumping into each other, smiling

(as if we had a face).

Not to scare you

Well maybe a little.


I was listening to his talk- The Secret of Manifestation

One thought on “Painting the Bridge

  1. Ah yes, being versus doing is definitely my growth edge 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful reminder in your painting the bridge post.

    XOXO to you and John ❤️❤️❤️

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