To Sea Foam

2014-10-05 17.29.42
My mother loved poetry
It talks to the heart
and can offer the ephemeral insight that the moment requires.
a poem for you by Maria Eugenia Baz Ferreira

To all that is brief and fragile
superficial, unstable,
To all that lacks foundation
argument or principles;
To all that is light,
fleeting, changing, finite
To smoke spirals,
wand roses,
To sea foam
and mists of oblivion…
To all that is light in weight
for itinerants
on this transient earth
Somber, raving
with transitory words
and vaporous bubbly wines
I toast
in breakable glasses.

4 thoughts on “To Sea Foam

  1. Love is eternal. And it’s all that matters. Thank you for starting my day with such a beautiful expression of all encompassing love. charlie


  2. Dearest Sally, Beautiful photo…Betty looks like Levity itself. Wow great poem I am going to find more of Maria’s work. your mothers riding her wind horse…xox Gina


  3. What a beautiful photo of your mom (you look so much like her!) and what a beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Your mom’s journey continues in another dimension; her laughter and joy will be remembered….love, sandra


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