Food for Winter



My neighbor raises lamb and when I purchased some

the frozen headless rattlesnake in my freezer had to go.

We had thought we would do the noble thing with this trouble maker

and eat it but we never did

So it was with reverence that I placed its coiled self beneath the apple tree

And added spoiled apples from my pantry to it(s resting place

to call in the bear, no use in wasting good meat this time of year.

Holy food is mysterious

What truly feeds us

Might be shit.

They are selling capsules of pure shit to heal our innards

But this metaphor runs deeper still

It is the most rejected aspect of the other that I want to ingest

I am that.

The bear ate her food at the base of the apple tree,

I will follow all the rugged way and rest in winter too

Well feed.  ( There is plenty of shit)

The Dali Lama said that our contentment is of utmost importance

We can do this.









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