Eyeeeeeee, ya ha

bear, night cam

Eyeeeeeee, Ya Ha,    look at this being, the BEAR,

kind of wonderful (and terrible)

to see a face that so represents  my own inner most vulnerability.

Ultra sound photos of the not yet born

or the bear at night or me,

Freshly hatched back into the world, with not enough layers,

Back from 21 days in the Grand Canyon, bouncing on her river

where the Big Kahuna rules with kindness

Every moment.

I naturally submit to that which is greater

As John says, on bent knee.

One thought on “Eyeeeeeee, ya ha

  1. Been thinking of you the past few weeks, welcome back from the womb just in time for fall and winter!! Love the eye, a snapshot into his soul, full of wildness and wonder!


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