No Organicism is Separate from Another


Mom's irises (2)

When I was a girl, The Silent Spring was published, written by Rachel Carson,

who wove  together her  abilities ,

beautiful writing with an understanding of deep science,

She was single parent and attacked by the powerful and at the end, very ill

Yet, she woke up the world to an awareness that DDT was killing the birds

Hers was the first voice heard, we had no idea of  remote consequences

Of poisons permeating delicate ecosystems.

Women became warriors, I saw it in  my mother.


RC  “The stream of time moves forward and mankind moves with it.

Our generation must come to terms with the environment.

We must face realities instead of taking refuge in ignorance and evasion of truth.

Ours is a grave and sobering responsibility, but it is also a shining opportunity.

We go out into a world where mankind is challenged, as it has never been challenged before, to prove its maturity and its mastery — not of nature, but of itself.
Therein lies our hope and our destiny.”   EARTH DAY 2019

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