Naming your Purpose

snake 2

I drew a tarot card for my nephew today

The Magician and it reads,

will power, discipline and taking appropriate action

with a warning to not partake of the low hanging fruit of the uncommitted.

I know this boy, this freshly graduated High School senior!

Last summer while he was listening to tunes through buds in his ears,

he somehow knew to take them out

just in time to hear the warning rattle of the coiled snake at his feet.

So the Magician fits.

Life is like this, a constant flow of information,

tailored for our development and wonder.

A chance to fulfil our unique and rare purpose,

usually not found on any form with little boxes to check.

Being an artist is just a cover story for my true purpose,

A Subversive Activist for the Preservation of Humanity-O

What’s your handle?







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