2050 Oh Ya!

Time mag (2)

Like the Nazca lines in Peru

Time’s cover art  is 98 feet by 65 feet

dug into the sand east of Tokyo.

  2050, How the Earth Survived

This image took hold of John and shook him to his bones

He saw the  larger frame, his obligation as an elder

a bigger identity then his personal life

saying  “I’m going to stay”

I  could feel it too,

The  commitment to stay

To be a part of the unknown future, the difficulties and joys

Stepping forward to meet what comes,

Standing tall, a pillar of fire if need be.

The commitment to stay has resolved the dilemma.

Love doesn’t require perfection just willingness.

John will be 102 and I’ll be 100 in 2050, oh ya!




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