Meditation on the Guru

Banks and monkey

“Imagine a realized being standing before you,

someone to whom you feel particularly attuned.

This being is radiant

with eyes that are filled with compassion.

See yourself reflected in those compassionate, nonjudging eyes.

despite all of the impurities to which you cling,

despite all your feelings of unworthiness,

such a being loves you unconditionally.

It’s ok to carry on imaginary conversations with this being,

the exchange opens you to compassion, tranquility and warmth,

to all the qualities of a free being.

The beloved is a mirror of your own beauty.

Ultimately you become that kind of love.

You’re living in that space

and don’t need anyone to turn you on to love

because you are it.

You become more and more the statement of love,

you fall into love with everyone.”


An excerpt from Ram Dass’s  Book Polishing the Mirror  pg. 135-136

He suggests mediating  with Christ, Mary, Ma, Mohammad, Hanuman or your guru.


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