Fire in the Belly


All the maps  to the authentic self tell us,

we must remain in the dark night of the soul

until we reach the very bottom of despair.

Only then do we discover

the seeds of renewal

blindly pushing their way up

through fertile loam

toward the yet eclipsed sun.


The lowest point on the journey

is paradoxically the womb.

For nearly a week I been weary, incapable of action

Finally I sit, wait and listen

for what I do not know.

Then somehow on the other side of sadness,

I hear a deep  unhurried symphony

My spirit burrows deep into the fertile silence

rests and is refreshed.


Words by Sam Keen, A Fire in the  Belly 1991  pg. 147



One thought on “Fire in the Belly

  1. Sounds like we’re having similar weeks. How do people in the tropics know when it’s time to crawl into the womb of winter and rest?


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