Centering Prayer

prayer fLAGS

I heard the caring in my brother’s voice this morning

when he spoke of his friend

and that was enough to let loose the tears

I’ve been carrying for days.

The  sanity of tears, when we love so much and are afraid.

An admission of fear will open the gate to the heart.


John and I recently attended an introduction to the practice of  Centering Prayer.

The priest who stood before us said, “Hi my name is Jerry and I’m an alcoholic”

He sits everyday in a 20 minute practice called Centering Prayer

sharing  that his well being  has  improved with the activation of the  inner life.

Centering Prayer was developed by a monk named Tomas Keating.

There is a documentary on Amazon

Tomas Keating, A Rising Tide of Silence.

(If it’s too long for you, just watch the last third.)


I’d like to hear from you,

for an elder’s point of view.






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