The Womb that Pushes

Persephone- clay

We have begun our alignment with the yang feminine

The womb that pushes.

It is the natural procession of things

that the time of the phallic, yang, masculine  is ending.

We can no longer indulge in “opposites” as our defining awareness,

as the yang masculine would have us do.

Life and death are not opposites.


Mother earth is  pushing  the new energies,

with the help  of Pluto, the lord of the underworld,

whom  astrologists say is activated now along with Saturn.

(The same planets that were in the sky  during the Spanish flu in 1918)


Clues to this time of change can be found in the underworld.

Our guide is  a yang feminine Persephone

who willingly  choose to descend.

She is the maiden of spring, attending the tiny  green shoots,

who felt the pull of crone work.

Deep in the underworld,

she became a  guide for the dead,

pointing them onward out of their wandering.


The womb that pushes is the exertive yang womb

Death bringer and live giver,

one womb.

“Death seen from the personification of the dark yang womb,

this death and rebirth,this perfectly timed push

that brings forth new life from destruction”



Quote and guidance from Genia Pauli Haddon

Uniting Sex Self and Spirit.   Clay piece by Caroline Douglas
















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