Curious and Intimate

bread willow's (2)
” I call this bread” and breath deeply

Not, “This is bread!”  said with a swagger.

Can I be respectful of salty molecules,

their relativity, their fluidity?

Respectful of  the order caused

by not knowing even one thing , for sure.


The Hopi word tunatya,

the causal aspect of the cosmos,

viewing the world as events rather than things.

The fermenting activity toward fruition,

forever pressing upon the manifested

The action of hope, pressing forward.

The maturing of plants.

The forming of clouds, their condensation into rain.

The careful planning of the garden,

building shelter,

All human thought

hoping, striving, especially prayer.
The honoring of  process,

a becoming,

a happening

a physics.

Curious and intimate

Knowing the world as an action not as an object,

(a thing that I own and can name).

Sally King April 16, 2020

Poem inspired by linguist Benjamin Lee Whorf

and Charlene Spretnak, States of Grace. pg. 93

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