Yellow is Healing for Mr.Banks

Mr banks with Yellow (2)

Mr Banks has been laid low.

Gone is his skip and prance.

The vet prescribed muscle relaxers

and the animal communicator says that he

is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders

and that I should tell him” to just let it all go,

to just take care of himself for now

and that the color yellow would help him.


My mother believed that one should be “of good courage”

“Don’t whine, mope or cringe”  she’d say with humor

but still she meant it!

Talking today, with my sister, Jan

we agreed that too much positive is exhausting,

and  that keeping  our chins up can be tiring

It felt good to share  my worries and fears

As they had gotten bottled up and my stomach hurt.


Our mother had two young daughters to care for

while my father was gone for four years during WWII.

I think of her courage

and also her breaking points that surely she had.


When she was old and so was I,

I would  ask her

So mom, “tell me about your underbelly of the whale”

It was like oiling a rusty gate but out would come……

her feelings. What a joy for me to know her.





One thought on “Yellow is Healing for Mr.Banks

  1. So sorry to hear Mr. Banks AKA Banksy is so stressed out by all of what is happening! Please give him a hug and a kiss from me. I will send him yellow energy to help him re-balance. Glad you talked with your sister and got it all out (or at least most of it). Beautiful story about your mom, strong woman with a strong heart. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Stay safe.


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