3 fingers (2)

Sorry about the dirty fingernails,  (I’ve been gardening.)

I’ve come to a new understanding of the trinity.

It’s  basically where we are  headed as we develop as humans.

Where form ( the daughter)  and  the formless ( the Mother)

relate with the vast love between them ( holy spirit.)

God is a feminine verb, three relationships in  constant motion

A mystery not to be understood

A process,

from atoms to ecosystems to families to galaxies

A circle dance

an outpouring and a receiving of three equal partners

each repeating the self emptying act of love to the next, 1 2 3

Our dualistic ego won’t approve

but just look how well that system is working.

The Course in Miracles says

“Would you rather be right or happy”

I choose the unitive state of 3 please.



Inspiration, page 157 from Immortal Diamond by Richard Rohr








One thought on “THREE

  1. Yes beans, corn and squash are the First Nations 3 sisters.. they grow in harmony and nourish completely.
    Sending my squash tendrils your way sister!


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