Mouse in the Garden

mouse in the garden (4)

Miss Mouse comes out faithfully every night

when I am watering the garden,

making sure that I see her

as she walks up the same garlic stalk

night  and night!


It’s been a loaded summer,

our intoxicating attachment to “story”

mine , yours and everyone’s.

But nature insists that we learn

the most basic of truths

and most of us do it the hard way.


They say that you’re not ready to change

until you “bottom out”.

I like the word “bottom”.

“Sandy Bottoms” is a place my dad

used to grab a beer and a gruber sandwich.


The medicine of mouse

is to pay attention to details

but not to forget the whole.


Our journey is a circle,

no beginning or end

but we sure do make a lot out of it!








One thought on “Mouse in the Garden

  1. I love your little mouse. Actually I am charmed by the whole painting. I keep seeing moose at Lindsey’s. Wasn’t it an elephant frightened by a mouse? I wonder about moose and mice? To be so small as to walk on a garlic stalk, and to do so with aplomb with giants all around. But then that’s her world. So many realities.


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