Rest Well Kitty o

Our time has run out

no more sand in the upside down clock.

Mother Earth is calling to you

where your no longer warm body

will rest.

Her timing is impeccable,

neither of us could continue.

Me cleaning up after you

and you so very ill.

Our final act of love

is being with each other at the end.

So brave So true So impossible!

3 thoughts on “Rest Well Kitty o

  1. I am so sorry to hear Ms. Kitty has left this earth and is on her journey to the milky way. She was such a brave warrior kitty who held the house and the ground it stands on during the flood. Have no fear, she would take care of things. Such a beautiful and calm spirit. I will miss her. Sending Love, Sandra


    • oh Thank you Sandra… I can’t believe that we are here at this moment on this snowy day- she and I and John. And You! Your great big heart . Thankyou for the milky way- and I love what you said, Have no fear she would take care of things! It’s wild how fully we love. Cats allow us to journey so far into the center of it all. The vet comes at 2 .. I am just one big heart walking around today. Love Sally



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