Unbound Restorative Justice

We can not heal

what we can not acknowledge.

In the economy of grace,

as offered in Desmond Tutu’s,

South African,

Truth and Reconciliation Commission,

where all had to take proper

and public responsibility

for their mistakes,

not for the sake of punishment

but for the sake of truth and healing.

Radicle grace is being loved

in spite of ourselves

in the very places

where we cannot or will not love ourselves.

We are a crazy weave with the essential “other”

Our mutual apology, healing and forgiveness

offers a sustainable future for humanity.

Otherwise we are controlled by the past,

individually and corporately.

The unbound ones

are best prepared to unbind others.

So unburden your heart with a friend

if you need to be restored to your true nature

which is love!

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