You had a shower and a job and a good working car.

You made us meals and loved us

while we experimented with lack

and beards and breastfeeding

cutting wood and outhouses.

It was grand and we loved you.

Thank you dearest.

News of your death went out viva e mail

to a group referred to as the Harvest Feasters,

bringing up a whole treasure chest of unresolved relationships.

We were young,

experimenting in love and jealousy.

We didn’t know anything.

Our parents were emotionally repressed.

We wanted to do better

but in the end we just walked away.

My only new thing to add to the old equation

is an ability to hold myself with kindness

with the tender smile on my soft face

as I revisit the swirling tides of my youth

and the skills I did not have.

2 thoughts on “Tender

  1. I don’t know what happened, but I can’t sign in to Your Soup Pot no matter what I try. Anyway… I am so sorry to hear about Millie, but I know her health hadn’t been good for a long time. She was a big part of your life for an important time when you were oh so young, but of course, we didn’t know it. All of us doing the best that we could. So many wonderful times to remember! Were we ever that young? It seems like a few lifetimes ago. We’ve had rich lives. Knowing so many interesting people who expanded our journeys for a time. Reminds me of the song lyric, “there is a time for every season.” love, charlie


  2. So sorry to hear of the loss of Millie, she was a beautiful soul. Sounds like she was there at a time when her wisdom was needed. Memories, sending love, Sandra


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