attitude adjustment

I haven’t been sleeping well

and John suggested that before I go to sleep

I celebrate today’s catch……

what was gathered throughout the day

this vignette, who I fed or spoke with

what was said

created, dug or planted.

To spend some time sorting through

admiring this and tossing that.

I’ve been unconscious of my negative stance

toward myself

critical really….

So last night I sipped tea in the dark

and treasured the shiny brightness

of my efforts to be a human

who loves well enough!

One thought on “attitude adjustment

  1. Love the suggestion from John to reflect on the day! Something so simple yet so powerful. Make the time to do this simple act, thanks for the reminder 🙂
    We are the worst critics of ourselves. To remember to love ourselves with all our flaws and our brilliance, and to remember we are human beings just trying to do our best each day.
    Sending love (the bird people are singing their joy to the world today), Sandra


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