Lusty Month of May

As the song from Camelot goes

“It’s the Lusty month of May”

When everything goes Astray …..

It’s time to do a Wicked thing or two”

as we dance with our skirts flying.

I loved musicals as a kid….

and I love presents.

It’s almost my birthday

and Willow told me….

“Oh your love language is Presents”

Come May my Mom would say….

“Let’s go buy you something new for you to wear”

So, in this spirit, I went to a fancy 2d hand shop

to purchase many happy new clothes

a spirit gift from my mom

lounging in love language

dandelions in my hair.

One thought on “Lusty Month of May

  1. As soon as I saw LUSTY in your title I thought of Camelot , with Vanessa Redgrave! I think I fell In love with her .
    New duds and to shed a year, that is a lovely way to move along. Happy birthday sister , so glad we arrived again, at the same time.


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