Bramble Temple

Everything is a field

and we are not separate.

The electromagnetic field that is my body

interweaves with yours

waves on the ocean.

Tomorrow is my sister, Jan’s, 80th birthday.

She is already with the beyond ( but still here in form)

The family is freaking out- of course

But what I feel is her readiness,

to just be the magnetic field…

tiny beads of light

invisible to the eye.

She is done for,

as they say in the West.

I had a dream Christmas night

That Anne pulled up to the curb

with Jan in the sidecar of the roadster,

ready to be off, on the adventure ahead.

The two of them side by side

tucked in low seats the engine purring

So on this eve of Jan’s birthday

Anne is in the roadster

ready to give her a lift

as soon as she steps over the threshold

off they will go, joy riding.

The horizon is not a line.

Two sister’s are circled up

as the unit they have always been.

And when I asked

Hey Anne ” do you know how to drive that?

in that quirky way of hers she said,

“I guess”

So get out of their way

Beep Beep – off they go!

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