Thread Belly

(Image from the Indian Mound in Iowa)

2022 222200002222000 2022

Two represents duality and Zero is non dual

Zero is you and me

before and after and in between.

But we do want for guidance here

with our demanding human life…

maybe if I can get lower down

in my own sweet body

into my belly

out of the head ( out of the story)

I can learn to read the belly’s signals

and trust them.

(noticing too the confirming synchronicities

that validate my experience.

” Synchronicity as an active way of life

a path of steady observation

and a response to the little messages

that come from the environment every day:

sensations in the body,


and events that happen,

the way things line up in linear time

and all the little miracles.”

The spider’s web holds it’s shape

even in the strongest wind!

“From her belly she spins something from nothing

everything from the empty space within.

In the same way that a spider’s web

is infinitely sensitive to vibration

and the smallest movement is felt reverberating

over the entire web

so are all the actions and reactions

felt by everyone

contained in the web of life.

There is nothing that happens anywhere

on the planet

or galaxy, for that matter

that does not affect each one of us

and that we do not feel on some level.

Nothing we do is without consequences

Each life matters

at the same time,

each of us is no more then a tiny speck of light

Let’s be vow to be animal enough

to acknowledge the movements of the web,

made both safe and challenged by it’s sway.

The spiders web holds it’s shape

rocking us not gently but with a firm hand

on this New Years Day!


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