I am a Warrior

Take Heart  

The path is before you

The path of heart

Walking on moccasin feet

 I know you are weary, the mire, the fall

Still questioning things long ago decided.

 You are a warrior.

Bravely entering  the unknown territory

As if your life depended on it.

 I am a Warrior too

 I came here to break new ground

 And  to ride out into the dark cold night

 Holding my empty hands upward.

Sit by this fire… 

Women Warrior

And I will drape the softness  around your shoulders 

And help you remove your boots

Look into the fire 

It’s not recognition you seek 

Only a truth

A choice made.  

 I am a warrior

 I am a warrior

 I am a warrior

 I think strategically

 And death sits upon my shoulder

 Knowing  this act could be my last

 I am conscious

 Habits are harmful

I am not small

 I extend from here to Canyon wall

I am magnificently large and old and sometimes sad

 Alone at my fire most nights

 Because I haven’t said who I am

 Take heart, dear one

I am a warrior

Maybe you are too!

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