Catching a Fish

My brother has covid

He’s ok, I just talked with him.

He’s taking some drug

that tastes like metal

( Is this a good Idea?)

My friend, (under maximum surveillance)

With advanced dementia

Is turning 80 in June.

(He has said he didn’t want to live past 80)

His sister, Lois

Has sent out a plea,

Asking his friends

To psychically let him know

That it’s ok to go on.


First light finds me walking

Around the ponds…..

( Water is so helpful)

A morning dove, a rabbit …

five goslings making their way to the shore.

But it’s the illuminous osprey

Diving into the cold water

That becomes my wish for Gary

That kind of freedom, that kind of air

A victory, a flight, a fish.

( I’ll meet you there)

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