Talk to the Birds

The astrologers say this is a time of completion

John’s truck is loaded

With colorful shapes of painted steel tubing

In route to Denver, Talk to the Birds…

A commission won three years ago.

Jacques and Lucien follow behind

Carrying the pre-formed foundation

Picks and shovels.

Lucien (17) will do the digging

And I am the chronicler,

A witness to wild will and determination,

These 10 years, a second career

John King, Kinetic Artist.

Sculptures that turn out of the wind

Just enough to not shatter

But still active in the lightest breeze.

This is John’s last sculpture,

Did we pull it off- this heist?

Profiting freedom ( of expression)

The highest value of the land?

Like two desperados we ride

Over the baked earth

Not sure if they are still chasing us

Or have given up.

Ya- Hooo!


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