Honey Collection

My odd and wonderous friend

Is quitting Colorado…

Flying over to France tonight.

She brought me her honey collection

Radish Flower, Chestnut Honey from Italy

Lychee Blossom gathered in Java

All sizes of jars- some stickie

I’d promised her mom,

Who died 24 years ago….

I’d look after her daughter

We’ve had a steep journey but

Love and commitment transport

To where the roses bloom.

Laughing at fate

Honey, the food of God

Gifted me by her mother.

2 thoughts on “Honey Collection

  1. Wishing her and her amazing child wonderful new adventures! If it was easy, it would never have grown to be as deep and wide and full of love as it became. Besides, now you have the perfect reason to to check out the Eiffel Tower in person!


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