I took my wheels out for a long ride

Drove solo to the Grand Tetons

It’s a long way, nine hours or so.

My wheels are rusty

But I got to Colter Bay

And set up my tent.

A stiff breeze is blowing in off the lake

as I sit at a picnic bench

In front of the general store.

A piece of cheese and bread for dinner.

Sally Forth!

2 thoughts on “Road TRIP

  1. The Tetons! Good choice. I’ve always thought they were so unique and so beautiful, but I’ve only driven by. Let your body – and even more importantly – your soul roam free. Let it soar to new heights, and may the bliss of it all take your breath away! And Mr. Banks came, too? I hope so!


  2. the power of the northern Rockies!! I’m so glad you are there solo and enjoying mother earth, take a deep breath and breath in the energy of the land!!


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