A Mountain Of Sugah


Now that my mother has passed, I find myself not eating sugar
(Perhaps this not eating sugar is her doing)
They say that all addiction is ego
( that lovely part of ourselves that says
It will deliver our happiness but never does)
So here I am, without my mother and without sugar,
Two forms of sweetness-gone
But both needed to go and both were ready.

I find myself without context, without habit
No shoring up, no boost of sudden energy
I’m boring and more tired
But more reliably true, becoming daily
A big barefooted Grandmother.

3 thoughts on “A Mountain Of Sugah

  1. Oh Sal. This is such a chapter. Remember my story of you discovering the chocolate in your high chair at Rye Beach. Your Mom is smiling. I love you. I am at Victoria Secret with Kyla Rose shopping for her 16th birthday. Passages. I love you fellow Grandmother

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  2. Sometimes our bodies tell us more than our brain. Interesting, no more desire for sugar. You are moving on and your body is too. Onto your new stage in life!


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