If you are a Woman, Vote

Vote Pres

100 naked women stood tall in Cleveland’s morning light.

I would say that it was a lady Godiva moment as they bravely risked

using their sacred feminine form as a statement of wholeness and  a message to the world.

Way to go Ladies!

It was  almost 100 years ago that women won the right to vote.

It took our foremothers 60 years to win us the vote

And now for the first time we have a woman running for President.

This is a major historical event in my lifetime

considering that when my mother was born in 1918

The vote hadn’t been won for us yet.

I love you Hillary, you are very brave!

So let’s elect a GRANDMOTHER FOR PRES.

It’s wild times, sisters!   xxooooo Sally

One thought on “If you are a Woman, Vote

  1. Thanks Sally! LOVED your message which came just as I am listening to the speeches in Cleveland by myself and hearing all the lies and discouraging words about her and wanting to respond. I am working for her tho – and Bennet and Micheal Seay – she’s got to have supportive senate and congress so she can make things happen when she wins! And I’m working with 3 of the smartest, sweetest young men in their 20s who are so encouraging – we have a great generation coming up, my 2 offspring among them!
    I’m working on Suffragette stories as a Spellbinder storyteller in the schools! Hope to see you again sometime soon. So nice to remember of that lovely Godiva day in the river at your house – was it 8 years ago?


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