Lessons from our Dog


Lessons from our Dog

In this painting you will see an image of our dog, Mr. Banks, bravely heading over a waterfall, head up ears in the wind. He’d been so ill and we didn’t know if he would pull through. One morning when I was driving him into the animal hospital, I looked over at him and found myself saying” I release you into the wild. The wild is where you began and it’s where you are free to go, now.
I release you into the wild, Mr. Banks.
As it turns out, with these words, I was the one who got released from the enormous fear I’d been feeling but who knows, maybe it was a turning point for him too. It is all very mysterious.
Our pets introduce us to the valley of death. They educate us and offer much needed experience in the land of the heart. We are grateful that he is on the mend but also painfully aware, that one of our own had been in his small boat, journeying towards the edge of the known world.
Love you little dog, Thanks for sticking around.

4 thoughts on “Lessons from our Dog

  1. Oh Sal I am soooo glad to hear he is on the mend. dear Mr Banks.

    We are finalizing our plans….trying to leave on Wednesday the 7th, which is our “real” anniversary day. And so far we are definitely planning to head your way from Alberta. starting to head back from Canada the 12th? I forget which day Jay’s birthday is… anyway we should be there that week sometime.

    I look forward to see Anne and you and John and Jay and WIllow if she is around. I sooooo look forward to it! and Mr Banks!!

    it’s a journey. Our first big journey with our little trailer. Not counting on anything but hoping big hopes

    xxxooo Lynne


  2. Sal, wonderful painting. The river is akin to the journey, the waterfall the liminal space we enter as we pass through the veil of death to re-merge.

    But I guess pricking the ears and taking it all in is a good way to approach things, right?


  3. So true, so perfectly expressed. Paradox, it never gets old. I am so relieved that Mr. Banks, who’s adorable soul is obviously very old, is on the mend. In that hairy little body resides a big teacher. Truly thankful that he is staying on, hopefully, for a long time.


  4. So sad to hear about Mr. Banks, a truly happy soul who gives unconditional love to all. I am glad he is on the mend, what a little fighter spirit he has! And he has the love of his family to help him heal. I am happy for you all and hope that Mr. Banks continues to heal. Sending thoughts and prayers.


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