Ashes in the Earth

Annes ashes

How beautiful we are even as ashes we are lovely.

Anne and I completed this task today, she is the ashes and

I carried the basket and the shovel.

But who was it who burned a hole in the basket with the lite smug stick

and who was that masterful caterpillar wiggling  its way across her  field of white?





2 thoughts on “Ashes in the Earth

  1. Oh my, you had a big day. You always do way above what needs to be done, at exactly the right moment, and with your whole heart and soul.


  2. So glad to hear Anne is on her way, to sleep in the fall and winter and be re-born this spring. She is embraced by the earth who will nurture her and Anne will in turn nurture her. The insects are keeping her company on her journey as is the spirit tipi. Such an intense yet beautiful time of being.


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