Assertive Feminine Liberates Everyone

Willow and her boat (2)

She’s bored, waiting around receptively, tossing the golden ball

It falls into a deep well,  retrieved by a male frog

Who  wants as a reward to sleep upon her pillow

Not liking  the situation she finds herself in, she hurls him against a wall,

Freeing him, to be the youthful king, that he truly is.

His man, Henry,  who has suffered  from steel bands of grief around his chest

Is freed of his constriction also with this happy ending.

Here is the cosmic over view….The princess is  the receptive-yin feminine

Who then  uses the yang, assertive feminine to transform the phallic masculine back into his original form.  All  is made well including the liberation of the bound testicles, represented by Henry ( the man who rides behind the penis, King)

Bingo, all four gender forms are activated and free to influence each other for the health of the planet and it’s daring people.



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