Soft Belly

walking in Ohio Woods. Priscilla (2)

In the Buddhist  text

the suffering we create

by seeking approval and other habits of living externally,

is to basically lose the benefit of this  lifetime.

But like most of us

I don’t manage to successfully limit myself

due to a known bad outcome.

What is working for me

Is a practice known as “Welcoming.”

The first step is a recognition of the situation I’m in

Then I welcome it and the feelings I’m having,

noticing if my belly is soft.

Softness is key!

“Never do anything in a state of internal brace

In a state of physical tightness and resistance

You’ll discover, it’s never worth it”


A quote from  The Wisdom Jesus by Cynthia Bourgeault

Art from Priscilla’s Cohan daily journal,

Ohio Woods is today’s entry.



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